When you think of dental veneers, you probably picture news anchors, actresses and actors, or the glitterati. After all, besides making your teeth appear nearly perfect, dental veneers are just cosmetic, right? And aren’t veneers pretty fragile, requiring a lot of extra care?

Well, the answers are no and no. Dental veneers do so much more for the health of your teeth and gums than many people know. They aren’t just cosmetic. And these porcelain overlays are anything but fragile. They can even make your teeth stronger.

How veneers improve your smile

At Farhoumand Dentistry, our veneers are custom made to complement the character of your smile. These thin porcelain shells cover the front of your teeth in order to correct imperfections, such as color and shape. They’re preferred over bonding by most patients for their superior appearance and resistance to stains. Veneers give you natural-looking, whiter teeth that appear healthier and more attractive.

Here are six common oral issues that can be corrected with porcelain veneers:
1. Gaps between teeth

Porcelain veneers can be placed over your teeth to cover empty spaces between your teeth. Your veneers look uniform in size, concealing any gaps in a natural-looking way.

2. Chips and worn areas

Years of living can take their toll on your teeth. Chips, cracks, and uneven wear degrade your smile, making you look years older. Enamel erosion causes your teeth to be vulnerable to damage. Porcelain veneers conceal any uneven or jagged edges on your teeth while protecting against further damage.

3. Permanent stains

Some stains are set in and can’t be removed through whitening treatments or cleaning. Discoloration from certain medications, such as tetracycline, or excessive fluoride treatments can make your teeth dull, grey, or brown. Veneers cover the discoloration and restore your teeth to a naturally brilliant appearance.

4. Uneven, misshapen teeth

Some people have teeth that are naturally uneven or irregular in shape and size. Dental veneers make your teeth appear more uniform in size and shape, eliminating the appearance of too-narrow or too-short teeth or those with odd shapes.

5. Slightly crooked teeth

Although it’s never too late to take advantage of orthodontic procedures, it can be much easier to fix slightly crooked teeth with porcelain veneers. Your custom veneers can be designed to even out your crooked teeth and give them a straight, aligned appearance.

6. Tooth sensitivity

Just as years of eating and drinking can stain, chip, or wear down your teeth, what you eat and drink may cause you to lose enamel. Sodas, acidic foods, and even alcohol can compromise your tooth enamel, which makes your teeth more sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks. Your teeth may feel too weak for some hard foods, like carrots, and even cold air may cause tooth pain. Veneers provide a layer of protection for your teeth, to prevent the discomfort of tooth sensitivity and protect the front of your teeth where the enamel is lacking.

Having veneers is a great motivation to be extra vigilant about brushing and flossing, too. So not only do they improve your smile, but customized porcelain veneers also promote attentive oral care that keeps your teeth and gums in optimal condition. You can expect your veneers to last up to 15 years, as long as you care for them properly and keep up with your six-month checkups.

If you think you might be a candidate for porcelain veneers, look no further than the professionals at Farhoumand Dentistry. Our caring dentists and support team are here to answer any questions you may have. Please contact our office in Vienna, Virginia, by phone or click the “book online” button to make an appointment.


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