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What to Do If You Find Yourself In a Dental Emergency

I get patients calling to the practice saying, “Dr. Farhoumand, I have an emergency! What do I do?” The straight answer to this question, of course, is to seek help. The longer you let a dental problem linger, the longer it causes you pain and the longer it may take to fix. I always tell the patient to come directly to the office, as I like to treat any dental problem quickly and efficiently.

Let’s take a closer look at dental emergencies and what to do when one happens.

Emergency, emergency

Dental emergencies should stop you in your tracks. If you can keep going with your daily routine, then that pain in your tooth isn’t an emergency, though you shouldn’t ignore the pain either. A pain that’s intolerable is a dental emergency. The pain may come out of nowhere, or you may ignore it until the pain becomes unbearable and thus an emergency.

Another dental emergency is the loss of a tooth. This can happen when playing sports or as the result of an accident. I see kids who fall at school or home and their face breaks the fall, with the loss of one or more teeth.

A sudden toothache from infection is unbearable for most patients. The infection may be deep in the roots of the tooth, or it may be in the gums, but when you get that pain you know you have an emergency.

Chipping a tooth is common, too. I would always treat you as an emergency case when this happens. Patients also come to the practice who may have dislodged a crown or an inlay and who need immediate treatment to fix it back in place.

Even clients with food or maybe a chip of wood stuck in their teeth present as emergencies from time to time. The condition may be very painful, threatening surrounding teeth, or there can be a lot of bleeding, all emergency situations to us.

What to do

At Farhoumand Dentistry we encourage you to contact us immediately when you have a dental emergency. We know how crucial prompt action is and like to get to work on an emergency as soon as possible. Always call ahead and inform us of what’s happening. By giving us as many details as you can, we can be prepared for when you arrive at our office.

I’ve put together a list of what you should do with the more common of the dental emergencies.

These five tips may help you deal with an emergency in the short term, but always seek immediate care from one of our team.

Keep ahead of the emergency

Regular dental checkups help you avoid many emergency situations. Tooth decay and bad dental hygiene lie behind many of the emergency cases we see at Farhoumand Dentistry. Schedule an appointment today and help prevent another, future emergency situation.

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