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Periodontics involves treating early to advanced stages of gum disease. With their innovative treatment approach to periodontitis and gingivitis, Dr. Foad Farhoumand and Dr. Farah Farhoumand of Farhoumand Dentistry in Vienna, Virginia can help resolve your gum issues. Farhoumand Dentistry is pleased to work with Dr. Eleni Kanasi who has extensive specialization in the field of periodontics. If you’re experiencing gum inflammation or know you have gum disease, schedule an evaluation. Book your visit through the online scheduling system or call the clinic today.

Periodontics Q & A

What is gum disease?

Gum disease is a chronic issue that leads to inflammation of your gums. Most cases of gum disease are caused by poor oral hygiene habits, although genetics and certain chronic diseases can increase your risk. Gum disease can progress beyond your gum line and reach deep down into the bone structure that supports your teeth.

Early gum disease, which is called gingivitis, often causes bleeding gums. You could also experience persistent bad breath, visible pus surrounding your teeth, or red and swollen gums.

As your condition worsens, it turns into periodontitis. This condition causes your gums to gradually pull away from your teeth, which could lead to loose teeth. Without proper treatment, advanced periodontitis can develop, which can lead to tooth, bone, and tissue loss.

How is gum disease treated?

With their extensive background and experience in periodontics, Dr. Foad and Dr. Farah can treat your condition and help restore your oral health. Your gum disease treatment plan could involve:

  • Root planing and scaling
  • Gum grafting
  • Sinus lifting
  • Bone grafting

Dr. Foad and Dr. Farah even provide the revolutionary Pinhole® surgical treatment for moderate to advanced stages of gum disease. This modern approach to periodontics involves creating a tiny hole to shift gum tissue down to cover an exposed root. Because this technique doesn’t include grafting or cutting your gum tissue, recovery time is quick.

Can I prevent gum disease?

Often, yes. After your dentist treats you, they can teach you about preventive measures. Usually, the best things you can do to prevent future gum infections is to brush and floss daily as well as come in for exams and cleanings twice a year.

You might even benefit from a daily antiseptic mouth rinse to further help destroy any lingering bacteria lurking in hard-to-reach areas. It’s also important to come into the office if you start noticing early warning signs of gum disease coming back. If you’re bleeding when you brush or notice sore gums, Dr. Foad and Dr. Farah can treat you before your condition worsens.

Schedule a gum disease or periodontal evaluation at Farhoumand Dentistry by using the online scheduling feature or by calling the clinic.