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Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment today, and it's clear to see why. Nothing makes you feel more confident about smiling big than a beautiful white smile. Dr. Foad Farhoumand and Dr. Farah Farhoumand at Farhoumand Dentistry give patients in Vienna, Virginia and surrounding areas the easiest, quickest, and most effective path to a stunning white smile with the Glo® in-office whitening treatment. Go online or call for an appointment today.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

How does teeth whitening work?

Farhoumand Dentistry offers the Glo whitening system, one of the newest and most advanced whitening systems in the world of dentistry. Glo treatment occurs in the Farhoumand Dentistry office, and you'll do touch-ups at home as well.

While you lay back in a comfortable position, your dentist places a retractor tool to help keep your teeth fully exposed, and then they apply whitening gel to your teeth.

The special Glo mouthpiece goes directly over your teeth, and then it emits a warm blue light for eight minutes. The light and heat interact with the whitening gel to lift stains and lighten enamel.

Most patients have a total of between two and four eight-minutes sessions during their appointment. In less than an hour, your teeth can be as much as 12 shades lighter.

How is the Glo whitening system different?

Glo Science created the Glo whitening system to address teeth sensitivity during professional whitening. Older whitening systems often caused irritation, drying, and discomfort if the powerful gel got on the gums.

The Glo gel is specially formulated to remain in place once it's applied. That prevents migration to the gums and therefore prevents gum irritation and other issues.

How can you maintain teeth whitening results at home?

It's essential to avoid the things that can cause stains to maintain your results. Often, the cause of teeth stains are beverages like coffee, cola, red wine, and tea. Nicotine is another common culprit, whether it’s in the form of cigarettes or chewing tobacco.

Dr. Foad and Dr. Farah give patients a Glo home whitening kit after their in-office whitening treatment. This kit has professional strength whitening gel that can extend your results for several months or more.

To keep your teeth at their whitest, schedule future whitening appointments one to two times a year. Your dentist can customize the treatment plan that will give you the white and bright results you want for the long term.

Want a whiter smile in one short visit to the dentist? Dr. Foad and Dr. Farah and the Farhoumand Dentistry team are ready to help. Go online or call for an appointment today.